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Even if you are a highly ambitious person with many ideas and dreams, it is possible that sometimes you lack motivation, and you feel low, drained and distracted. And then you may be wondering if something is wrong with you.

Has this ever happened to you?


3 changes in your behaviour

Along with this feeling you may have noticed some of the following changes in your behaviour:

  • You can’t concentrate, something constantly distracts you.
  • You check your phone and social media more often.
  • You drink more coffee or snack more.

An organizational psychologist Adam Grant has given a name to this phenomenon: languishing. This was a common feeling experienced by many people during 2021, mainly caused by the uncertainty of the pandemic. And people felt “joyless and aimless”.

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So, what to do with this feeling?


Here are a few simple steps that will help you feel better and gain back your energy:

  1. The first step is to acknowledge your feelings. This state is temporary and nothing is wrong with it. Starting from 2020 many people worldwide have experienced this state due to the change of their lifestyle and the increased feeling of uncertainty.
  2. Ask yourself, when do you feel engaged with any type of activity? What is it that helps you concentrate on those occasions and get positive emotions? Analyze it and try to apply it to your other tasks.
  3. If you had a friend who was experiencing the same problem, what advice would you give him?
  4. And last but not least. Practice self-care! Check my article with self-care tips in order to maintain and improve your well-being.


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