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Self-care is an important part of our daily routine and its benefits should not be underestimated. In this article you will find some self-care tips that will help you be in harmony with yourself.

Self-care includes everything that we do to maintain and improve our well-being. These activities may be physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

Here are 10 activities that you may do in order to enrich your self-care routine:

1. Go for a walk.
2. Stretch.
3. Speak with a friend.
4. Play with a pet.
5. Take a bath.
6. Listen to music.
7. Light a candle.
8. Create a vision board.
9. Make a smoothie.
10 Get a houseplant.

A consistent practice of the above activities, will help you maintain a good level of wellbeing and enforce your resilience to stressful situations.

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