mycitycoach why I don’t want to do what I want to do

Why do we not want to do things that are good for us? We might want to clean up the house, but we end up watching a movie instead. Or maybe you are thinking of working out, but eventually choose to go out for coffee with friends. Sounds familiar? If so, let’s see together the three major reasons behind this behavior or why we don’t want to do things that we want to do!

Reason No 1️: The activity requires a lot of effort or time from you, puts you in stress or generally in an uncomfortable state.

Our organism naturally tries to avoid stress. So it will do anything it can to protect you. Especially when your final goal is very far and the effort should be significant and continuous. What you need here is a motivation. Remind yourself why the activity and the final goal is important for you. Get inspired by your effort and by the daily steps you take. Keep a journal to track your daily success.

Reason No 2: The other activity, that you choose to do instead, is more interesting, exciting, brings you more pleasure.

Here you simply need some time management. Prioritize your activities and put a time frame – for example “I do my workout from 7pm till 8pm and then I watch a movie”. Writing down your activities in a daily planner from a previous day can help you out.

Reason No 3: You don’t really want it. And it’s ok!

Try to determine who requires this action from you. There are usually 2 situations – (A) it is a routine work that we more or less have to do for our own good (like taking a shower, cleaning the house, changing the bed sheets etc.) or (B) it is something that the society or somebody else pushes you to do. In both cases, be conscious of why you are doing it.
In the first case (A) follow a plan, remind yourself why it’s good for you and reward yourself after (e.g. drink a hot cup of coffee).
And in the second case (B) you need to be aware of what good it makes and how this aligns with your own values and life goals.

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