New Year's goal traps natalie_lifecoach

New Year, new goals. How exciting! Big or small, many or a few, each goal is there waiting for you to accomplish it. You go and start something new with great enthusiasm, but soon after you… give up?

The truth is, this happens to all of us from time to time. And it’s not simply about procrastination. Let’s have a look at a few goal traps that don’t let us succeed.

I want it all. I want it now.

You want to start many new activities at the same time. At some point you get overwhelmed and simply give up.
Solution: choose one (1) activity, make a plan and work on it.

No visible progress (slow progress)

You start an activity but if you see no results fast, then you get bored and lose interest.
Solution: before starting a new activity:

  • analyze how much time you need to see the first results;
  • how will you be motivating yourself until you see the first results;
  • what equipment do you need for this activity and so on.
I’ll do it “at some point”

Your goal is not time framed. You plan to do it “at some point” during the year.
Solution: Use an agenda and make a specific time-framed plan: how much time do you need to achieve your goal, when will you start & finish and what will you be doing each day.

And now you have a clear picture of the factors that may be stopping you from pursuing your new goals. What do you think about it? Would you adjust your list of goals for the New Year in view of this?

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