Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions:


So, what is coaching?

Coaching is a method of development and positive empowerment. This process requires a specially educated person “Coach” who assists another person “Coachee” or group of people “Coachees” to set and achieve specific goals.


What types of coaching are there?

The type of coaching may vary depending on the profile of the coachee. Here are some common types of coaching:

  • Personal / Life Coaching – focuses on life goals and priorities, such as work-life balance, personal goals and achievements, career growth, improvement of communication skills etc.
  • Positivity Coaching – positivity empowerment and cultivation of character strengths that lead to personal flourishing and happiness, using Positive Psychology approach.
  • Executive Coaching – aims to assist people with managerial roles to improve their professional and personal skills, that may lead to a better functioning of the team they manage, their organization or business.
  • Career Coaching – focuses on topics such as job search, career decision making, career transition, promotion at work, development of professional / soft skills etc.
  • Start-up Coaching – helps young entrepreneurs to realize their idea successfully, to run and grow their Start-up into an effective enterprise.
  • Team Coaching – assists teams with communication and performance improvement, setting of mutual goals and vision. Team coaching may facilitate team’s formation period, transition periods such as a company merger or downsizing, conflict and performance management.
  • Peer Coaching – a learning process between two coaches, when one of them acts as a coachee during the sessions in order to improve his skills and self-awareness.


How long does coaching cooperation last?

The duration of coaching cooperation depends on the objectives set by the client and can last from one session and up to 12 months. An average duration is around 2-3 months. Sessions are carried out either online or by personal meetings depending on the location of the coachee.


How many times per week do I meet my coach?

The schedule is always confirmed with the coachee, but it is advised to have one or two 50-minute sessions within a week. After each session the coachee will be setting a small task to do until his next session.


Will my life change if I do coaching?

Achievement of goals is something that derives from the coachee himself. A coach can help you set goals which will have a meaning for you and you will discover what truly motivates you and which of your best qualities can help you on your way.


How does it actually work?

If you would like to have a taste of coaching, visit the page ABOUT YOU and answer several basic questions that a coach would ask you on your first session.


I am not sure if coaching is for me…

If you are not sure about type of coaching that suits you better or if you simply want to discuss whether coaching can help you achieve your goal, CONTACT me for a quick free online meeting.


How much does the first online meeting cost?

The first online meeting is FREE. It holds up to 30 minutes and we discuss your goals and estimate how coaching can assist you in the achievement of your goals.



If you are ready to start your coaching journey, CONTACT me to arrange our first online meeting.