My name is Natalie and I am happy to meet you!

Coaching is my life. It’s a way of thinking and acting.
The idea of excellence and self-improvement has always been my guiding star.

Having moved at a young age to a different country, from my teens the word “change” became my constant companion. Nothing can be as challenging as a change. Either it is a change of schools, work, diet or even a change of house interior!

And so on my path one challenge was replacing another. After high school exams I had successfully enrolled into Business Administration department of University of Piraeus in Greece. Having had the highest performance throughout the years in my class, I had the honor to read the Graduates’ Oath for my fellow students at our Graduation Ceremony.

Soon after that my coaching journey had begun! I successfully completed an executive and life coaching course accredited by Association for Coaching (AC) and European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). I realized that my coaching knowledge could be transferred to my workplace. It started as a communication tool to achieve more successful deals in my B2B sales career as an account manager for international markets in one of the leading European companies. But that was not enough. I knew that coaching had to offer much more and so I moved to the next step, which was completion of Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology by University of East London. In my MSc Thesis I ran a qualitative research, by interviewing executives for their opinion on Executive Coaching practices in Greece.

Combining coaching techniques with positivity and aspects of business administration, there is a wide range of topics that I work on with my coachees. Some of our recent cooperation topics include: training on managerial skills, promotion at work, positivity reinforcement in everyday life, work-life balance, establishment of personal enterprise.

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Testimonials from my coachees:

“Coaching for me is the path to structure your thoughts and prioritize your objectives. I’m very happy to have Natalie as a guide during this adventure!”
Helen, 25 years old, Sales team manager

“Even though cooperation with Natalie was my first ever experience with coaching, she made me feel very comfortable and secure when talking about my life aspirations. The sessions gave me a lot of food for though and insights about my approach to setting priorities in life”
Maria, 31 years old, Freelance marketing research specialist

“Natalie is an amazing listener.”
Anna, 30 years old, Private employee


My cooperation projects:

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