Work and success mycitycoach

Do you have to work hard to be successful?

For me the answer is clear. It’s not a matter of how hard we work but it’s a matter of our perception and mindset. Let’s see together, what this means.

What does it mean to you to work hard?

Working hard usually means that you dedicate a lot of time, effort and emotions for something. You feel guilty for spending time with pleasure while you could be working, you feel that others don’t appreciate you and don’t realize how hard you work.

So, after you’ve “worked hard”, you feel physically tired, emotionally drained, angry, not valued and unloved. Does this sound familiar to you?

I’ve seen very successful young people being managers, directors, having their own business etc. And when you meet them, you feel their… energy! They are excited, they talk about their business, they laugh, they are eager to learn and share their knowledge, they are open to new opportunities. And most importantly, it looks like they don’t work at all!!!

How is that possible?!

success and work my city coach

Attitude is everything

The matter is in the attitude. Successful people still work a lot but with the following difference. Successful people:

  • Have a clear vision of what they want to achieve.
  • Have the right motivation that keeps them inspired.
  • Have an action plan.
  • They enjoy what they do.
  • They are excited about their achievements.
  • They talk to others to find solutions instead of complaining.
  • They find time for leisure.

After you change your attitude, you’ll never say “oh, I work so hard!”. Instead, you’ll be saying “wow, this is a great idea, let’s try to make it work!”.

This is your new normal – the path of growth and success!

Do you want to shift from hard work to success? Then don’t wait any longer and book your first online coaching session. Because your success is in your ATTITUDE.

Let’s make you successful!