when your personal life is a disaster my city coach

Your job is great but your personal life is a… disaster?

It is true that professional success does not guarantee a happy personal life. And nowadays we see a lot of successful people who feel very lonely. They are either unhappy in their relationship or they are single or they generally have a messy personal life that doesn’t bring them any satisfaction.

Isn’t it a bit unfair, you may say? How is it possible that a person is doing so well in one field, for example in his career, while his personal life is not satisfactory?

Let’s shed some light on this.

1️. We are successful in fields that are under our control.

A large portion of our academic and professional success has to do with things that are under our control. For example, the more we study, the higher are the chances of our success in the exams. The more we work on a specific project, the better the outcome will be.

A relationship though – any kind of relationship – is a complex element that always involves someone else. And the truth is that in a healthy relationship we cannot really influence and force the other person to behave as we want. This is something that we need to accept in order to build something genuine.

2️. All you need is love!… Love for yourself!

This is a starting point for everything – to be happy with who you are. And this also means knowing your values and standards, being clear on what you want from a relationship and how you want to feel. Loving yourself means that it is OK to say “no” to something that is not good for you. Realizing this and working on your mindset will help you avoid unfulfilling and toxic relationships.

So, what do you think stops you from having a happy personal life?