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I got a promotion. Do my colleagues hate me?!

Being successful is tough. Especially when you get a promotion and some of your work friends become your subordinates. At this point you might get mixed feelings because on the one hand you are happy for your progress, but on the other hand you need to deal with some new challenges in your communication with colleagues.

So, what should you do?

The most important for you (and your mental health) at this stage, is to understand how to be OK with YOURSELF in this new role. Here is what you might feel and how to deal with it:

promotion and work

1️. You may feel guilty for your promotion because your friends don’t move along with you and it feels like you “betrayed them”.

• This guilt is your internal state and has nothing to do with other people.
→Why do you feel negative towards yourself? Analyze it. Dig deep.

2️. You don’t know how to treat your friends because now you are their “boss”, and you feel that there is tension between you.

• Yes, this could’ve been THEIR promotion too, remember that! It’s not easy for them either!
→It may be helpful to talk with each of your subordinates and ask them how they best see themselves in these new circumstances and in which tasks they can perform best for the mutual benefit.

3️. You feel lost because you try to balance between your new peers and the old peers.

• Growing means change, and this also applies to your social circle.
→It doesn’t mean that you should forget your old acquaintances, but it’s also good to be open to new opportunities.

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