Shopping during lockdown

Many people have noticed that now during a lockdown, while they are sitting at home, they have a strong desire for… shopping online! Have we all become shopaholics? Why is this happening? There are a few reasons for that.

1. By shopping online, we want to experience joy
Shopping is an activity that brings us positive emotions. And now, when everything seems uncertain, we want to substitute the negative emotions with something that brings us pleasure. And one of these things is online shopping!

2. We want to reconnect with our usual habits
The modern society is a consumer society. We are used to buying things and paying. So, by shopping online from home, we try to reconnect with our reality and with our usual habits. In that way, we give signals to our brain, that life goes on as usual.
And moreover, by shopping online, we experience joy twice – firstly when we choose and pay for the item, and the second time when we are waiting for the package to be delivered to us.

3. We spend more money when we pay with a card
This is a tricky one! It is a known fact that when we pay with a card, we spend more money and we buy more things. This happens because we don’t have the feeling of actually giving away the money, as it happens with cash. We simply type in card details and have an illusion that we are not even paying! So be careful and spend consciously.

4. At home we actually have the time to shop
Surely on lockdowns we have more time and for many people this is an opportunity to dedicate some time to their shopping routine, because during their working days they are too busy.

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