Food and lockdown

Why do we eat so much food at home during a lockdown? Here is a list of reasons why we can’t stop snacking when sitting at home on self-isolation.

1. Firstly, we are stressed.
And when we are stressed, our organism either requires us to eat more food or on the contrary to eat much less than we need.

2. We are bored and have nothing to do.
When you are not occupied with an activity, you feel boredom and eating seems like the easiest and the most pleasant thing to do.

3. We have food lying around.
Whenever you walk into the kitchen and see food, your hand automatically reaches for the food even if you are not hungry. This is an external trigger that makes you eat more than you actually need.

4. Our diet is not balanced.
When our diet is not balanced, we want to eat more often. Some people even experience hunger attacks during night!

5. We don’t drink enough water.
Sometimes our body is dehydrated and our brain sends us respective signals but we may confuse them with the feeling of hunger, and so we land up eating food instead of just drinking some water.


So, what to do in order to stop snacking? Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Keep the food out of sight.
  • Keep yourself busy with other activities.
  • Stop and ask yourself if you really want to eat.
  • Keep your diet balanced.
  • Drink more water.


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