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Working from home is not as easy as it seems. If you are used to working in a different environment, it may be very hard to stay concentrated on your tasks. Let’s see together 5 things that you should avoid in order to be productive when working from home.

1️. Wearing PJ’s or home clothes.
Get dressed! This will tune you into a working mode.

2️. Not having a time schedule.
You should plan your start and finish hours along with breaks in between, otherwise you will end up working much longer with less results.

3️. Getting intentionally distracted.
Don’t watch cat videos all the time or scroll through your social media. You can do that later on or during your breaks.

4️. Not having a dedicated workspace.
Have a space where you will have some privacy, keep your desk tidy, put away things that may distract you (books, remote controls, food etc.), sit on a comfortable chair suitable for your desk height.

5️. Staying in the same room the entire day.
Ideally your working space should be different from the place where you sleep or where you usually eat. So, moving around is essential not only for your concentration during work but also for your relaxation after. If you are staying in the same room after work, you can remake the space in order to switch your mood – light some candles, put music, change the lighting, move the curtains etc.

And here I have a fun exercise for you on how to quickly switch your attention and be productive again while working from home. Press here to watch the video.