what to do when you feel lost mycitycoach

I don’t know what to do in life… how often do we tell ourselves that? We try different things, get excited and start something new but then leave it shortly after and feel disappointed… This could be happening with our career, studies and even hobbies. So what can you do when you feel lost?

There are multiple techniques that can help you find your motivation, the meaning in life and many many more. The searching for your true purpose in life can take you years. But here I want to give you an easy tool that can quickly show you a course that you could follow.

There is one powerful question that will help you. Ask yourself: “If I could learn something new, a new skill, in only half an hour, what would that be?”. Write down your thoughts and analyze them.

This will uncover your deep desires and reveal your ideal vision of yourself. Most of the times we don’t start something because we know that it will take us a lot of effort and time to reach our goal. So this simple question will prove that the only things that are stopping you right now from achieving this desired state, are your time and your effort.

So what would be your answer to the above question?

Did this question help you or you still feel lost? If you feel that you are not happy in life and you feel that you are in a wrong place, doing wrong things, read my article “Why are you here?” to get more answers.