why are you here mycitycoach

Why are you here? Right now, right here, sitting or standing, doing the job you are doing, studying, travelling, doing shopping etc. Are you happy, are you fulfilled? If not, then why are you here?


The question may seem so easy and even naive, but we rarely ask ourselves that. How often do we feel that something is going wrong, we are not in the right place, doing a job that we don’t like, being with people who don’t support us, buying things that we don’t need, wasting time for something that is not worth it and saying things that have no meaning?

At times when we are lost, we so badly need support and guidance. And strangely enough, life does bring us help at rough times with different signs: by bringing new people into our lives and new ideas, by making us take a different route on our way home, with the sounds of music and views of nature, by making us notice small things that at first seem meaningless…

What to do?

This is exactly what had happened to the hero of the bestselling book “The Why Café” by John Strelecky. Completely lost on the road while driving and totally lost in his life, a man enters a café in the middle of nowhere and unexpectedly finds himself questioning his existence and purpose in life. “Is this surreal or is this actually happening? Why am I here?”… he keeps asking himself… The book raises questions about life and our values, the way we perceive things, and makes you wonder if you are in the right place doing the right thing. Strongly recommended for everyone.

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