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Do motivational quotes actually motivate us? I often wonder what keeps us going, what inspires us.

Motivational quotes split into the following categories:
a) Yes, you can do it, believe in yourself!
b) A famous person did it, and you can also do it!
c) Get up and prove others they are wrong.
d) Don’t worry dear, there will be better times!
e) There are some real bastards around you who ruin your life, so get over and check the previous 4 motivations.

Do you also get a bitter taste after reading such motivational quotes? In fact, sometimes the quotes make you feel even worse… miserable, helpless. Proving others wrong will not make me happy. Not worrying will not bring me success. If somebody else reached the top, it doesn’t show me “how” to reach the top as well. The moment of inspiration lasts a few seconds and then it’s gone. How did it motivate me after all?!! Long-lasting motivation is an uneasy process. The quotes do not go the extra step. A quote is just… a phrase. But they give you the benchmark to think further.

Put some effort to analyze why you landed being inspired by the quote even for a few seconds. Do you want something to change in your life? Are you satisfied? Do YOU want to change?

If you like getting inspired by quotes, here I have one more interesting question for you for creative self-knowledge that will motivate you for deeper thoughts.