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Practicing positivity is the same as training your body in gym. You have to exercise in order to stay fit and be strong and the same applies to positive emotions. Gratitude is one of the aspects of our wellbeing and one of the ways to practice it in your everyday life is by using a Gratitude Journal. Here you will see how you can easily make a Gratitude Journal yourself.

Watch this video in order to see the step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Gratitude Journal at home. You will need a simple notebook, a ruler and a pen and in 15 minutes your own handmade journal is ready.

Additionally, you can use the below template with the three questions:
1. Today I am grateful for:
2. 3 wonderful things that happened today:
3. What new did I learn today:

gratitude journal template MyCityCoach

By writing your journal every day, you will quickly increase the positivity in your life in a very pleasant and productive way.

If you are interested in additional ideas for a happy life, check my article with the three steps to happiness!

Enjoy and stay positive.