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Setting high standards is often considered as something snobby. But is it truly that bad? Let’s clarify together the ways to evaluate your standards and understand if it is normal to strive for something higher than the average.

Career and personal growth.
Without setting high standards, you may be limiting yourself from true development. An athlete will not break a world record if he doesn’t set high goals during his trainings. An employee will not climb up the career ladder if he doesn’t aim and work for growth.

Personal life.
In personal life, there should always be “your standard”, whatever it means to you, but in any case, it is better not to compromise for something that makes you unhappy.

Goods and services.
High standard is often a synonym for good quality at a high price. In this case it’s important to be aware of the role that these goods play in your life and understand why you prefer these products or services to others.

How to evaluate your standards?
The correct way is not to be arrogant or ugly towards others who have different standards, but to firstly understand your own values, aspirations and to increase your self-awareness.

To do that, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I value myself?
  • What do I want from life?
  • Am I happy, will I be happy with higher standards?
  • Will my social circle change?
  • How will my daily routine change?
  • Will I be with the same boyfriend/girlfriend and friends?
  • Will this motivate me if I set higher standards?
  • Am I ready for this change?


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