Three steps to happiness mycitycoach

Sometimes the words are so easy! We often hear people telling us “just relax and be happy!”, “don’t worry, be happy!”. But these words don’t really help us, do they? Funnily enough though, according to NLP practice, specific words said in a specific manner, do have an impact on you. And not only that. So, how to calm down and “program” yourself for happiness? Let’s analyze together the three steps to happiness.

1. What is under your control?

Analyze the situation that worries you and separate the factors that are under your control from factors that are out of your control, and STOP worrying about things that are out of your hands. For example, if you are stressed about an upcoming job interview, realize that the behavior of the employer is out of your control. BUT it is under your control to prepare your CV well, to look neat and to come on time for your interview, etc.

2. Take a break.

Give yourself a break. Distract yourself from negative thoughts – take a shower, go for a walk, chat with a friend, watch some funny cat videos . When we distract our mind from a specific subject, in this way we let the brain work freely and subconsciously to solve our problem in the best way. Have you ever noticed that you may go to sleep at night thinking about a problem or trying to remember something and then you wake up in the morning with an answer or a new idea?

3. Be kind to yourself.

Be kind and compassionate to yourself. Tell yourself that it is OK to feel worried from times to times. Accept your emotions and remind yourself of what an awesome person you are! Think what are your character strengths or skills that helped you overcome difficult situations in the past and try to apply them in the current situation.

I hope that these three steps to happiness will be useful to you! But if you doubt your strengths and feel a bit lost, life coaching can help you discover the strong sides of your character! Contact me now to organize an online coaching session and together we will draw your own path to a happy life.