distract from negative thoughts mycitycoach

Sometimes negative thoughts don’t allow us to function. And it is especially challenging in the current situation, when many people around the world spend a lot of time isolated at home on a lockdown. So, it is vital to be able to switch your attention and relax. Let’s see effective ways to distract yourself from negative thoughts.

Read a book
Reading is one of the powerful ways to distract from your thoughts. It may be difficult to concentrate at the beginning, but if the text is interesting, you will get absorbed by it after a few pages.

Go for a walk
Taking some fresh air is always a good idea. When you walk and look at the surroundings, your brain starts analyzing the picture that you currently see, and this helps you distract from negative thoughts.

Write a journal
Keeping a journal or a diary is a common practice for many people. It has numerous advantages such as improvement of memory, development of creativity and thought structuring. When you write down things that worry you, you put them in order and analyze their importance. This helps you look at your problems from a distance, evaluate them and thus relieve stress.

Listen to relaxing music
Music is a perfect tool for stress reduction. Studies have shown that specifically classical music lowers blood pressure, calms you down and ultimately reduces stress. Choose music that you like and let it create a calming mood for you.

In addition to the above-mentioned methods, there is a large variety of exercises that you can do in order to clear your mind. Watch my video on unusual Journaling and video with an exercise for your imagination, that will help you relieve stress and get relaxed.