success and laziness

I want to be successful… but I am so LAZY! How is it possible that the desire for success and laziness coexist?

Have you ever had that thought when you see a successful person, either a public figure, a blogger or a successful businessman next door and you wanted to be just like them? But then you realize that changes do not happen overnight and usually success comes after months and years of hard work. And then you feel sad, desperate and maybe jealous. How to stay motivated, what to do, is it even worth trying?

Step No.1

Firstly, analyze what is it that attracts you in successful people – is it material goods (their property, cars, branded clothes, expensive watches etc.), is it their lifestyle (gym, dining at restaurants, clubs), or is it their social circle (friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, colleagues, fans) or something else?

Step No. 2

Secondly, once you realize what attracts you in successful people, go further and investigate deeper in the emotions that you would experience from each item. For example, you like that a famous person has many admirers. What does it mean to you? Do you like attention or recognition of your qualities, or you want to find a person for a perfect relationship or cooperation? And now think of all the possible ways to satisfy your desire for this emotion or state.

Step No. 3

Thirdly, it is time to analyze what you are already good at. Search in all your qualities, skills and knowledge that could help you in achieving the desired state. If you studied in university, this means that you already have at least 4 years of experience in a specific field. If you completed a computer or a language course, you have already invested time and effort in yourself and so on.

Additionally, on your way to success it is very important to realize your maximum potential. To do that, you need to discover your innate talents and skills. Watch my video on how to do this in three easy steps.