I will start on Monday mycitycoach

“I will start that on Monday!” How often have you told yourself this phrase? You might have decided that on Monday you will start a new diet, gym, looking for a job or simply cleaning the house. Or perhaps you have decided that on Monday you will start a new life! But eventually Monday comes and you find various reasons not to do anything or you just say that you are lazy.

Why we never start what we’ve planned from Monday?

Usually there are deeper reasons apart from a simple laziness. The current situation eventually seems to be OK, bearable, comfortable… While a change is always connected with some sort of anxiety, because we are forcing ourselves to get out of our comfort zone. But if you take no action, later on you may also feel negativity and dissatisfaction with yourself because you didn’t manage to pursue your goal.

Pay attention to the following words that indicate low interest in any sort of action. If you use these words when talking about your goal, then most probably you will not stick to it in the long-term. Someday, Sometime, Tomorrow, Probably, Maybe, I guess, I will see…

One of the things that life coaching does is to set a time frame and a realistic plan for the achievement of your goal. It helps to switch your attention from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, that may be stopping you, to a more positive mindset.

Are you ready for this change? If so, send me a message to arrange our first online coaching session, to talk and discover your life goals and create your personal strategy that will inspire you and will keep you motivated.