discover your talents mycitycoach

Every person has a talent in something but sometimes we don’t even know it! Knowing and using your talents is important because it helps you engage in those activities that are pleasant and easy for you. So, let’s see how to discover your talents!

Ask yourself the following 3 questions.

1. What are your innate talents?
What are the talents that you had from a young age? Maybe you have always been good with numbers or you have an extraordinary memory? Try to remember and analyze these skills. Do you still use them in your everyday life or not? Even if you don’t use your talent, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist!

2. Listen when other people say that you are good at something.
Very often we do things so naturally, when using our talents, that we don’t pay attention to it and we don’t know that it’s our talent. That’s why other people may notice things that we don’t. Try to remember if different people have been saying similar compliments to you. For example, they may be saying that you are very good with remembering faces or that you have strong analytical skills. So, pay a close attention when people express their admiration to you.

3. What activities are easy for you to perform?
What activity do you do and you feel that you have a flow? It may feel very easy and very natural for you. For instance, maybe you cook delicious food even without looking at recipes or maybe you can run for a long time without getting tired? Think of those activities and analyze which talents or skills you use when performing them.

And here you can watch my video where I talk about these techniques of how to discover your talents.

Good luck!