make the world better mycitycoach

Do you know that you can make the world better? The truth is that there is one simple thing that you can do, which doesn’t cost anything.

Imagine, what if we were all doing a job that we are good at? Wouldn’t we all be happy and work productively? Well, ironically, very often we don’t know what we are good at! Or we think that everyone around us can do what we do!

So, one simple thing that you can do right now to help the other person develop and grow as a personality or as a professional, is to actually TELL HIM THAT HE IS GOOD AT SOMETHING. Let the person know that he has a talent or a special skill, let him know that he is unique at something and extraordinary. Repeat it as many times as possible until the other person starts believing in himself and in his talents. And be sure that once you do that, the other people will also start noticing your outstanding personality.

Use simple phrases and justify your opinion if possible. Here are a few examples:

  • Hey, I’ve noticed that when you talk with the customers, they always smile and leave in a good mood. Well done!
  • Thanks for sorting out the old e-mails. You’ve noticed some interesting messages, that I thought were spam! You are very observant.
  • You look amazing today! I love how you combine the colors, you definitely have a good taste in clothes!

So, as you see, we can start and change our world and make it better, by only speaking with the other person and noticing his good qualities.

For more ideas and inspiration, watch my video on how to discover your talents.