Begin again mycitycoach

No matter where you are, no matter how difficult the things are, you have today and you can begin again. Begin again no matter how many times you have fallen.

It is very hard to get up after a failure, but when things can’t get any worse, you should know that you can only move upwards and there is so much more above the point where you are now.

Think that each new morning gives a new chance to start over and make an extra step. Start over and see what happens when you don’t give up.

To stay motivated, keep track of your progress and of the things you have learned every day. You can use a journal or even a simple notebook will do! Always recognise your achievements and this will keep you inspired.

If you feel that all your efforts seem meaningless, maybe you should reevaluate if you are in the right place, doing the right thing. My article “Why are you here?” will help you investigate further.