Sleep in a good mood mycitycoach

In the modern world we all get tired during the day and sometimes we feel overwhelmed with thoughts and anxieties. So, it is very important to relax in the evening and clear your mind before going to sleep. Therefore, let’s examine three easy ways of how to go to sleep in a good mood.

Think of 3 good things that happened to you today
The magic of positive emotions is that when you focus on the good things that happen to you, you start noticing more and more good things around you. Therefore, take your time to think about at least 3 wonderful things that happened today.

Smile for 1 minute
Even if you don’t feel joy or happiness, smiling will take your emotions to a happier level. It is a trick that we play with our brain, because we know that we smile when we are happy. So, by simply smiling you are sending signals to your brain, that you should be happy now!

Say “thank you” 3 times for the above 3 good things that happened!
Gratitude is a very powerful tool for reinforcing our positivity and building our psychological resilience. Some people choose to give a special attention for practicing gratitude and fill in special journals. Here you can watch my Video Tutorial on how you can make a Gratitude Journal at home!

So, these three easy steps will help you sleep in a good and relaxing mood!
Have a relaxing night!

If you want to see more ideas on how to effectively clear your mind and get relaxed, see my videos with exercise Number 1 and exercise Number 2.