How to succeed if you are shy mycitycoach

What to do when your shyness is stopping you from becoming the best version of you and from reaching your goals? Not everyone is born with all the necessary qualities in order to get out there and “just do it”. In this article I will reveal to you one secret about how to succeed if you are shy.

First of all, it is alright to feel uncomfortable when performing certain actions, especially when they involve communication with other people, such as talking on the phone, doing a sales pitch or speaking in public. This discomfort is a signal that you are doing something unusual, and so your organism will naturally try to protect you from an excessive stress. And in cases when this feeling becomes terrifying, in order to avoid it, the person may end up refusing to take any action at all.

But if you wish to make a change in your life, most probably you will need to get out of your comfort zone. And if you aim high, discomfort will need to become your new comfort zone. But how to get there? There is a two-word solution for this:


Micro bravery means performing small tasks every day that push you out of your comfort zone. This helps you to gradually build your resilience to stress and the “scary” stuff. For a start, the tasks can be even irrelevant to your actual goal. You just need that small feeling of anxiety that will activate your brain and will give you a boost of energy.

For example, if you are uncomfortable with speaking on the phone, try making at least one short call per day to anywhere. It can even be a call to your local supermarket in order to ask for their working hours!

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