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There are times when overthinking becomes too tiring and stressful. So, the question is, how to fight overthinking? How can we make ourselves stop thinking about the same thing over and over again?

Below you will find a very useful exercise that will help you put the stressful thoughts aside.

An exercise for overthinking

Let’s try and create a time slot foroverthinking! You will need to dedicate a specific time slot in your day for this, for example 20 minutes. And this will be the special time for your overthinking.

Set an alarm clock, saying that from 6:00 pm till 6:20 pm is the time when you will sit down and think about everything that worries you.

So, if thoughts come to you at any other time of the day, you say: “Stop. No, it’s not your time now. I will not think about you now, because I will think about you later.”

What will happen?

By doing this exercise you will take the pressure off yourself and off your entire day. And then, when the time comes and you actually sit down, you will notice that you will not be able to fill in these 20 minutes with thinking. And… you might find a solution!

Good luck!

Watch my video about how to fight overthinking.