I have no time for love because I'm too busy mycitycoach

A life in the modern world is very demanding. You work, you rush, you compete… And then you stop for a moment and realize that your personal life is put somewhere aside. And when you try to work on it… oops! There is no time for it! No time for love!

It’s not all about love

If you’ve noticed that you don’t have time for love because you are too busy, it is likely that you don’t have time for other things as well… For example, you don’t have time to relax, no time to see your friends, no time to work out, no time to call your parents and so on.

Does it apply to you as well?

We often hear a phrase, that we always find the time for someone or something that we want. This may be true, but also tiring if you try to fit all your activities in one day! So, how can you start integrating into your everyday life things that are important to you?

A life coaching exercise

Try the following exercise that will help you clarify your priorities and desires.

Let’s imagine that starting from today you had 1 extra hour in your day. Think about the following:

  • What would you do with this 1 hour?
  • Would you do something from the above to-do list?
  • If yes, what would it be exactly?
  • If no, why not?
  • What do you think about this to-do list now?
  • The activity that you thought of, how could you add it into your 24/7 life?


Do you want to fit more things in this 1 extra hour, but don’t know how? Book your online Coaching Session with me to find all the answers! Simply click here and send me a message to book an intro session.