are you a workaholic natalie_lifecoach

If you are a workaholic, Fridays won’t ever feel like Fridays.
And there will be no Mondays and no weekdays or weekends either.

Tell me, do you ever work extra hours – either physically or just by thinking about work all the time? Or do you ever take work home?

You may be loving your job, even more if it is your dream job or your own biz. But how about rest? Do you ever switch off the work mode or you feel that you HAVE to work all the time?

If you can’t relax or feel guilty when doing a side activity, think about these few facts:

Our brain

Our brain needs rest in order to function properly. And the weekend is there for a reason! We should be switching our attention from time to time so that our mind focuses on other types of activities.

Physical activity

A physical activity is a must. Like it or not, but we need to be moving in order to improve blood circulation which maintains our body and brain in working condition. So, investing time in a work-out routine, walking or stretching is necessary!

Are you a workaholic natalie_lifecoach

What if…

What will happen if you don’t work extra hours? What will happen if you don’t work on your day off? If working on a day off is necessary and it happens often, and you don’t like it… maybe it’s time to think about a change. You can start off by:

  • reevaluating your priorities,
  • concentrating on time management,
  • considering support and other solutions (eg. establish a partnership, get an extra employee or an assistant, buy a software),
  • and/or cooperating with a Life Coach.

And in all other cases, pour yourself a cup of coffee – or a glass of Prosecco – and enjoy your amazing self.

With love,