when work feels meaningless my city coach

Even if you have a dream job, sometimes it may feel like you are losing the sense of purpose. All of a sudden work feels meaningless and you ask yourself “why am I doing all of this?”

Surely this situation brings a lot of anxiety, but when this question arises, this is a sign. A sign for you to start working on your self-awareness and switch your attention to other subjects that are important to you.

Let’s look at two scenarios:

1st scenario. You used to like your job, but not anymore.

Trust me, this question never comes alone. We live in a world where everything is interconnected. Thus, your current dissatisfaction with work definitely affects some other fields of your activity and vice versa. In this case it may be useful to examine these other areas that are being affected. For example, you don’t have time to spend with your kids because you work until late in the office.

2nd scenario. You never really liked your job.

You don’t see any meaning in your job and you work solely to earn money. Here the question is a bit more complex. And it’s worth taking a step back and exploring what fulfils you in life and what has value for you generally.

If you are in a similar situation and feel that your work became meaningless, here I have some great Life Coaching questions for you:
– Which other activities are affected by your current job dissatisfaction?
– Why has this question appeared now?
– If everything else was in great condition (your personal life, wellbeing, wealth etc.), would you still be dissatisfied with your work?

Which of the two scenarios is closer to you? If you would like to discover this question further, contact me to arrange your first Coaching session.