Time management in reality mycitycoach natalie_lifecoach

If you are a manager or a business owner, you may be having some issues with time.

Either you feel that 24/7 is not enough for you to realize all your projects or you don’t have time for your private life. Has this ever happened to you?

I can’t have it all!

We often hear people saying “you can’t have it all”! Meaning that you can’t have a perfect career and at the same time have a happy private life. But I will never tell you that. Because you can have as much as you can handle, as long as you create the SPACE for it.

Think of it as a wardrobe where you throw things chaotically and at the end you see a huge pile of clothes and you think “oh my, I don’t have any free space there”. But then you start looking into each thing separately. You put some things nicely on the shelves and you throw/give away some other things. And all of a sudden you realize that you have just created a free space there!

Time management in reality mycitycoach.com natalie_lifecoach

This is the exact thing that happens with time management. And this is something that we work on in my Coaching sessions. We analyze your priorities, look into activities that you want to keep in your life and how to free up the space for something that is valuable to you.

Are you ready to free up the space in your life for something meaningful? Send me a message and book your first Life Coaching session with me!

Watch my video on time management here.