good reasons to give up mycitycoach natalie_lifecoach

We’ve learned that it’s not good to give up in life. That we have to keep trying no matter what.
But have you ever felt that sometimes it just doesn’t feel right?
Or you work hard and try to fix something in your life but it just doesn’t work out.

Has this ever happened to you?

But the truth is giving up is not always bad. For example, it is ok to give up on a diet that doesn’t make you feel well or to give up on a relationship that makes you unhappy.

Sometimes giving up means:

  • Setting yourself free.
  • Expanding your horizons.
  • Reevaluating your priorities.
  • Giving yourself a chance to change the perspective.
  • Creating time and space for something new.

Pay attention that I don’t say to give up on your dream. No. I say, to give up on some of your choices, that lead you AWAY from this dream.

Let’s see a few examples:
Do you want to be happy? Chase this happiness, but give up on a relationship that drags you down.
Do you want to grow professionally? Stick to your goal, but leave from a company that can’t offer you a promotion for years.

It may sound strange, but sometimes we are afraid to give up. Because giving up means admitting that there will be a change. And we may not be ready for this change just yet.

Are you afraid to give up? Do you feel lost and unsure of what is it that you really want in life? Well, this can be fixed! Send me a message now to book your first online coaching session with me. Together we will clearly define the vision of your ideal life and set your priorities for a happy life.

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